Thursday, October 22, 2009

Maryanne Amacher : February 25, 1938 - October 22, 2009

When played at the right sound level, which is quite high and exciting, the tones in this music will cause your ears to act as neurophonic instruments that emit sounds that will seem to be issuing directly from your head

... (my audiences) discover they are producing a tonal dimension of the music which interacts melodically, rhythmically, and spatially with the tones in the room. Tones 'dance' in the immediate space of their body, around them like a sonic wrap, cascade inside ears, and out to space in front of their eyes

... Do not be alarmed! Your ears are not behaving strange or being damaged!

... these virtual tones are a natural and very real physical aspect of auditory perception, similar to the fusing of two images resulting in a third three dimensional image in binocular perception

... I want to release this music which is produced by the listener ...

Chorale 1

Luther Dixon : August-7-1931 - January 22 2009

Mama says, when you kiss my lips

I'll get a thrill through my fingertips

Yeah-yeah. (Shot-shoo-bop, shot-shot-shoo-bop)

Hey-hey (Shot-shoo-bop, shot-shot-shoo-bop)

Hey-hey (Shot-shoo-bop, shot-shot-shoo-bop)

Hey! (Shot-shoo-bop, shot-shot-shoo-bop)

Please say you do (Shot-shoo-bop, bop)

The Shirelles - Boys

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Clinton Ford : 4 November 1931 - 21 October 2009

I wander up and down love’s highway

Forever searching every byway

For tender words you may throw my way

I’m a beggar in love

A Beggar In Love

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liam Maher : 1968 - October 20 2009

If you got something you want more

If you have nothing you stay poor

It's not the life for yah and moi

Flowered up - Better Life

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vic Mizzy : January 9, 1916 – October 17, 2009

Teach your eyes to look out

Teach your ears to hear

Walk up to the corner

Where the coast is clear

& wait

& wait

Until you've seen

That light go green

Fay Lovsky & La Bande Dessinée - In The Middle In The Middle

© New York State Department of Safety

Katō Kazuhiko (加藤 和彦) : March 21, 1947 – October 17, 2009

せつない恋にも 似た味なら


カルタ遊びに はるかな国を夢見る

Sadistic Mika Band - Sayōnara

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Al Martino : October 7, 1927 – October 13, 2009

"How did he do that?"

"My father made him an offer he couldn't refuse."

Al Martino as Johnny Fontane in The Godfather

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Irving Penn : June 16, 1917 – October 7, 2009

Miles Davis photograhed by Irving Penn

It ain't necessarily so

De t'ings dat yo li'ble

To read in de Bible - It ain't necessarily so


Zim bam boddle-oo!

Hoodle ah da waah da!

Scatty way!

Scatty wah!

Miles Davis - It Ain't Necessarily So

Shelby Singleton : December 16, 1931 - October 7, 2009

Let me tell ya a story about a boll weevil

Now, some of you may not know, but a boll weevil is an insect. And he's found

mostly where cotton grows. Now, where he comes from, hm, nobody really knows.

But this is the way the story goes

Brook Benton - Boll Weevil

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mercedes Sosa : July 9, 1935 – October 4, 2009

Mercedes Sosa

Te vas Alfonsina con tu soledad,

¿qué poemas nuevos fuiste a buscar?

Una voz antigua de viento y de sal

Te requiebra el alma y la está llevando

Y te vas hacia allá como en sueños

Dormida, Alfonsina, vestida de mar

Alfonsina Y El Mar

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Robert Kirby : 15 April 1948 - 3 October 2009

When the day is done

Down to earth then sinks the sun

Along with everything that was lost and won

When the day is done

Nick Drake - Day Is Done